daVinci Bridge has been a leader in digital signage since before it was called digital signage.  We pioneered the use of what is now referred to as digital signage with 'barker' channels at hotels.  Centrally creating and distributing targeted messages to location using computer (dial up modems...if you don't know, you are younger than we!) and screens...televisions.


Scala is one of the oldest digital signage platforms available.  We not only serve our clients with digital signage solutions, we also are contracted by other digital signage companies to fulfill the needs of their clients.  We have many  years of marrying data with artistic content and making that work for our clients and other Scala clients around the world.


If you use Scala as your digital signage platform, we can help you with any of your custom content needs. We also have a reserve of Scala widgets,  templates and Scala Scripts ready for use.